There are plenty of people that like to describe themselves as entrepreneurs. For many of these people there is another word that fits them a little better: unemployed. An entrepreneur is more than someone who is able to get by without working for someone else. An entrepreneur is someone that can take their knowledge, abilities and talents, and turn them into something that is in demand by others.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more successful than others. Some entrepreneurs are able to recreate themselves many times over in their life. The reality is that while no two entrepreneurs are the same, they all have some similarities. If an individual wants to become a successful entrepreneur there are certain things that they need to know. These are the things that will allow a person to really be an entrepreneur and not become just another person who calls themselves an entrepreneur.

It is not about the idea

Many people think that a person is a successful entrepreneur because they came up with a great idea for something. That is really only partly true. A successful business has to offer something to other people. That means that there has to be an idea for the business. A good idea for a successful entrepreneur is not the result of some flash of brilliance. It is a matter of recognizing a need and coming up with a solution for that need. There are many great ideas than never amount to anything because there is no demand for it. The successful entrepreneurs are able to focus on what people are asking for and what they want.


Action is as important as the concept

A successful entrepreneur rarely talks about what they are going to do. If they see a need for something they can provide, they act on that. If an idea is never acted upon, it can never be successful. Entrepreneurs act on the concepts that they come up with and nurture them, allowing them to succeed. Entrepreneurs are the people that can talk about what they have accomplished, not what they are going to accomplish.

Failure is an option

Every successful entrepreneur also has stories of things they have done that have failed. The successful entrepreneur looks at the failures as a learning opportunity. They take what they have learned to help them with their next project. There is no shame in trying something and failing. The only shame comes when you never have tried in the first place.

Creativity does not always mix with business

An entrepreneur is usually a creative person. That is what allows them to come up with the concepts that they offer. While an entrepreneur is able to use creativity, they are also able to create a successful business concept. If a creative concept is not combined with a good business strategy, it is more likely to fail.

Entrepreneurs know when to get out

Successful entrepreneurs often have several stories about what they have accomplished. They will be able to talk about successful adventures in the past because they knew when to move on from that venture. An entrepreneur is able to move on to new concepts easily and is willing to pass the long term running of a business to someone else. This allows them to come up with their next great venture.

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