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After spending time coaching, and working with small to middle size companies all over the world, I found The 8 Universal Principle are the foundation of business (Entrepreneurship). This program takes you through each principle and helps you take your business to the limits of your ideas.

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scale your business from 6 to 7 figures and beyond






Learn a strategic approach to building a successful company


"I wanted to take a quick minute to give a HUGE shout out to Domingo who came flying into my business and life wearing a Superman cape. As you heard from my last BA presentation, I was in a very tight spot with major growing pains around team and cashflow with an unexpected loss of 2/3rds of my ops team and uncertainty on what fire to put out first and which direction to focus on.

Domingo came to my home in San Diego with a colleague to provide a multi-day, hands-on interactive, live strategy session. He said he would stay until we were done and all in 100% alignment with a plan, and he was true to his word. We extended the sessions an additional 2 days until we were totally complete. That level of integrity and commitment to honor and fulfill the promise of our session vs having a concern for his time was a clear indication of his character. Every since I've met him, he has rolled up his sleeves and dove into the mountain of documents and team calls. In just a week, I feel like he has as much clarity as most have after months.

He has learned every major aspect of my complex multi-unit business that I took 10 years to develop. He has provided his entrepreneurial streetsmarts and skillfully (and with lightening speed) demonstrated his ability to weed out all of the non-essentials. I have a 90 day plan that is so clear, focused and effective that I am sure it will springboard us to a 7 figure 1 year future. And, even more than that, Domingo is stepping in as an interim COO with 2 of his team members to help me see this plan through for the next 90 days, and is helping me find my permanent Integrator. With Domingo at my side, I know that anything is possible!

I literally could cry with the relief and gratitude I feel for this amazing man. I wanted you to know that I am happy to give my full endorsement to anyone who asks about Domingo. I will be recording a testimonial video in the next week. Once I do that, I will send it to you both to do with as you wish."
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Mayumi Young, CPA
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