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Domingo Silvas is a “serial” entrepreneur. Besides being a very successful entrepreneur, he is a humanitarian, a supporter of good causes – a world traveler, great family man, and a good friend to many.

He specializes on Capital Strategy, Start-ups and is an expansion expert. He provides companies vision and strategic directions, including capital strategies. He has raised over US$ 200 million in over 10 years.

Domingo has a passion for entrepreneurship and serves as a mentor, coach and advisor, both for individuals and corporations. Domingo also teaches as a guest lecturer and moderator at several business school events locally and abroad. Domingo is a frequent speaker on the entrepreneurial circuit and has traveled from Quebec to Shanghai helping business owners achieve their goals.


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“Working with Domingo Silvas, III in various projects has allowed me to see his brilliance, knowledge of growing companies, and his maturity in working on global businesses that’s unusual for a man his age. He has also introduced me to some outstanding mega-entrepreneurs that are becoming key players in the expansion of our educational and renewable energy companies. I look forward to expanding our association with Domingo and his global team in future endeavors.”

-Dame DC Cordova

“There are many “Experts” out there who claim to be a professional in their niche. However, Domingo is one of the most highly qualified experts in this space. His leadership is unmatched and his skill-set is proven. Having him speak on my stage was one of the best decisions I made for my event. He shows up and over delivers! The crowd loves him everywhere he goes. If you are looking to hire Domingo as a coach or speaker, you will be thoroughly impressed with the value he brings to the table.”

-Adam iMob Flores

“Domingo Silvas is a very special presenter. He is a natural teacher: humble, open and egoless. People drink him in. His content comes from the fabric of his soul, he knows success and awakens that in an audience. He is one the best presenters I have ever had the pleasure of working with…”

-Julian Noel

“He went on to say that even if you generate millions a month in cash, you can still be financially poor. I have since learned so much more from this very humble man and I know it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I consider Domingo one of my best mentors in business and in life. He is a true inspiration for me and every time I have the chance to pick his brain for even just 5 minutes my life keeps changing positively. I applaud anyone who attempts to build an asset or any relation with him.”

-Samuel Xiveiro


Get my eight universal principles to build a million dollar business…